Teaser: Metrology


X-ray circular magnetic dichroism is used to image magentization of magentic layers. Measurements in the EUV range, allows element selective imaging at the absorbtion edges of common materials as Fe,Co and Ni.

Image: FZ Jülich | Daniel Wilson

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Measuring the specular reflectivity of a layered sample at various wavelengths and incidence angles, one can determine the key parameters of every layer, namely thickness, density, chemical bonds and local symmetry. Our Panter setup offers this measurements in a compact, laboratory-scale device.

Image: RWTH EUV | Maksym Tryus

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Scatterometrie is a methode to investigate periodic structures on surfaces. The short wavelength of EUV light enables on to make even nanometer small errors in the surface structure visible and investigate normally transparent materials.

Image: RWTH EUV | Aleksiy Maryasov

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Teaser: Imaging

Lensless imaging

Imaging with extreme ultra violett light overs high spatial resolution in combination with element selectivity. To overcome the absent of cheap and/ or good optics, our group investigates the lens less technique of coherent diffraction imaging (CDI).

Image: RWTH EUV | Jan Bußmann

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Soft X-ray and EUV Microscopy

Microscopy with soft X rays and EUV light offers resolution in the nanometer range without the destructive component of electron microscopy.  

Image: RWTH EUV | Larissa Juschkin

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Dark field microscopy

Optics used for EUV light, e.g. in the lithography industry, needs to be characterized before putting them to use. Dark-field microscopy offers detection of phase and amplitudes errors only visible by light in the EUV range.

Image: RWTH EUV | Lukas Bahrenberg

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Additional research areas

EUV Interference Lithography

EUV Interferenzlithography enables research institutes and small companies to reach structure sizes of state-of-art lithographic machines without the immense cost of such machines.

Image: RWTH EUV | Hyun-su Kim

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Laser heated discharge plasma

In many applications the brilliance is the limiting factor to the achievable resolution and required time per measurement. Here we investigate the interaction of pinch plasma sources with laser heating.

Image: FZ Jülich | Jan Bußmann

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Photo-electron Emission Studies

Photo electron microscopes enables investigations of structure, magnetic properties, composition and morphology of matter. Our high-power EUV plasma sources closing the gap in light sources  between X-ray and UV light.

Image: FZ Jülich | Daniel Wilson

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